sugamoanster asked:

I wanna say thank you too! Thanks to her, Suga (maybe) knows I exist and moreover, all her fan accounts made me smile and gave me hope. Maybe people will find it ridiculous but fans inspire me more than idoles. Now, I'm working hard on my project more than before, Skye is one of those people who makes me believe that every dreams can come true. 감사합니다 스카이.


futureindustriesofficial asked:

ohHH MY GOD WHERE DID YOU GO :OOOOO i used to lurk on here a while ago pls don't have attempted suicide or something OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS

Skye has deleted her tumblr and can now be found under the url “skyetokki”. This is simply a space to remember and appreciate what she did for the fandom. Feel free to leave some love if you like.